Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Introducing "Gimme Schalter": A journal of everything awesome

After months and months of feeling like my ten-thousand-plus Twitter followers had basically stopped caring whether or not I exist, I decided to go all-in on connecting all of my work to everyone who wants to read it.

I'm thrilled to introduce Gimme Schalter, a free weekly newsletter that contains my deep thoughts and hot takes on whatever's happening in sports, geek stuff, society, and life.

The first issue broke down exactly how I discovered that the problem was Twitter, not me, and what I'm going to do about it. The second issue's going to feature the story behind the huge professional failure (and big subsequent success!) that I went through while getting ready to launch.

A note: Some folks are having issues with security/SSL-certificate warnings when clicking the link; this is due to a configuration thing that my newsletter platform hasn't been able to resolve. I'm working on it!

As part of this complete and total re-evaluation of everything I'm doing, media-wise, I've also created a digital hub on the new Spore platform. It's got quick links and latest posts from everything I'm up to, including the new newsletter and this site!

The Spore link, and the Gimme Schalter sign-up widget, are right there on the sidebar =>

Thanks to everyone who's read, shared, and supported along the way!

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